Lodging Near Conner Prairie

What is Conner Prairie?

Conner Prairie is our closest and most beloved neighbor. As a Smithsonian affiliate since 2008, Conner Prairie showcases a deep passion for history and education. At the heart of this remarkable property is Prairie Town, the museum’s central hub, where it’s always the year 1836. During this time, Andrew Jackson was president, Texas declared independence, Wisconsin became a territory, and Arkansas became a state.

Prairie Town is a vibrant village filled with activities and historical reenactments. You’ll meet the potter, weaver, woodworker, and blacksmith, as well as visit the schoolhouse and doctor’s office. These historical figures carry out their daily tasks and are happy to answer any questions, making for an entertaining and informative experience. It’s the closest thing to a time machine I’ve ever encountered.

But that’s not all—Conner Prairie also features a Civil War town, a Delaware Indian trading post, and the impressive Balloon Experience. This makes it a fantastic place for learning and adventure, suitable for visitors aged 7 to 97. The balloon, visible from afar due to Indiana’s flat landscape, can even serve as a landmark if you lose your way while staying with us. Just follow the balloon back home!

Balloon at Connor Prairie at sunsetWhat’s the average length of visit?

People often ask how much time they should set aside to experience the museum. With so much to do, you could easily spend the entire day. Sometimes, it’s nice to sit on a bench in Prairie Town and imagine what life was like nearly 100 years ago in the Midwest. Some visitors take a couple of hours to stroll through, while others spend a couple of days exploring all that Conner Prairie has to offer. It’s truly a delightful place to visit.

Man in Headless Horseman costume pointing a sword at a group of onlookersWhat else do they do?

Conner Prairie hosts a variety of festivals throughout the year, including History on Tap, Headless Horseman, Jupiter Flights, and Merry Prairie Holiday. Additionally, the Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra offers magical evenings of music in a beautiful orchestra shell, set against the backdrop of stunning sunsets and a serene river bend, creating a truly enchanting experience. But that’s not all—Conner Prairie also offers fascinating workshops that teach traditional crafts such as blacksmithing, leather working, weaving, and more. Many guests extend their stay to participate in these multi-day learning experiences. It’s always delightful to see the excitement of guests who have created something unique and special in one of these workshops.


Woman in old-timey costume spinning a hoop with a stick at Connor PrairieWhere is Conner Prairie?

We are ideally located directly across the street from Conner Prairie, just northeast of Indianapolis on Allisonville Road. From our courtyard, you can enjoy the sounds of concerts, and our guest suites offer stunning sunset views over Conner Prairie. Staying with us feels like you’re just a stone’s throw away from this wonderful attraction. Come and experience the convenience and charm of staying so close to Conner Prairie!


Foyer at Prairie Guest HouseWhy stay with Prairie Guest House?

We are conveniently located just across the street and offer exclusive discounts on many events at Conner Prairie. When you book your suite at our top Indianapolis area bed and breakfast, be sure to ask about our discounted tickets. If you have any questions, feel free to call us at 317-663-8728. We look forward to sharing the gem that is Conner Prairie with you!

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