Discover the Artistic Magic of G.B. Davis Workshops in Noblesville

G.B. Davis Workshops

Geoff is a fantastic person with impressive musical talents, playing both the trombone and ukulele. He works just up the street in Noblesville, where he offers a variety of cool workshops that I know you’ll enjoy, including printing press techniques, wood carving, leather crafts, and much more. Visiting his workshop is truly one of the most unique things to do in central Indiana. I thought I would expand upon these ideas and write more but… I read his bio on his website and thought, ‘that’s not only accurate but poetic and well written’ so here it is:

Carpenter carving wood

Geoff Davis Bio

Beyond carving birds and whales, Geoff Davis sculpts artistic futures in Noblesville. His studio hums with the symphony of letterpress, leather-craft, carving, and bookarts; each note guiding students toward creative mastery. Inspired by summers spent in Maine and the Adirondacks, Geoff seamlessly blends outdoor experiences into his curriculum, fostering a love for nature and its expression. Recognized as an Indiana Artisan and lauded by national directories, his impact transcends titles, echoing in the laughter of his students and the whispers of hand-carved tales. Geoff Davis is more than an artist – he’s a community builder, an educator, a conductor of creative symphonies, forever enriching the artistic landscape of Noblesville.

Personal Touch

Karen and I recently attended one of his workshops and had a great time. Above is a short video of the highlights. Geoff is not only a great instructor but also an entertaining and well organized. He informed us of tools, techniques, and educated as he instructed. He is great!

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Where to stay while in town for the Workshops

If you’re planning to experience Davis-style creativity, consider staying with us at Prairie Guest House. We’re just a 10-minute drive away, and our laid-back, friendly, down-home atmosphere perfectly complements Geoff’s studio on the square.

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John Newton

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