Yoga Retreats at Prairie Guest House

Awaken Your Inner Peace in Fishers' Sanctuary

Embark on a soulful journey amidst the soothing whispers of nature, where every breath you take is a step closer to inner tranquility. At Prairie Guest House, we’ve curated an oasis for yoga enthusiasts to delve deep into their practice, finding balance, harmony, and serenity.

Why Prairie Guest House is Your Ideal Yoga Retreat Destination?

  1. Tranquil Guest Suites: Find solace in our thoughtfully appointed guest suites, merging elegance with comfort. Each suite boasts an en suite bath, seamless WiFi connectivity, and an ambiance that resonates with the calm you seek.
  2. Nourish the Soul: Begin your mornings with a rejuvenating breakfast, fueling your body and spirit for the sessions ahead. Or indulge in a quiet, intimate dinner, celebrating the union of mind, body, and soul.
  3. Extended Stays for Deeper Exploration: With so much to explore within and around, make the most of our Thursday Arrival Discount. Settle in, attune to nature, and prepare for a transformative experience.
  4. Embrace Nature’s Embrace: Unroll your mat amidst our verdant gardens, or host a sunset session in our beautiful courtyard. And for those moments of reflection, light up the BBQ, bonding over shared stories and fresh food.
  5. Photographic Chronicles: Document your spiritual journey against the picturesque backdrops of our farm-like setting and lush gardens. A snapshot can capture a moment; let us help you make it timeless.
  6. Space for Every Seeker: We offer comfortable lodging for up to 24 participants, with 12 beds, ensuring that whether you’re on a personal retreat or a group journey, every guest finds their peaceful corner.

Deepen Your Practice in the Heart of Fishers

Prairie Guest House beckons yoga enthusiasts, from novices to gurus, to immerse in an environment where every corner echoes with tranquility. Here, the ancient practice of yoga melds seamlessly with nature, creating a symphony of peace and rejuvenation.


“My yoga retreat at Prairie Guest House was a transformative experience. The surroundings, the facilities, and the warmth of the place deepened my practice and connection to myself.” – Aria L.

“The blend of nature, excellent accommodations, and the serene ambiance makes Prairie Guest House a haven for yoga practitioners. Every session felt like a deeper dive into tranquility.” – Raj M.

Journey Within at Prairie Guest House

Every asana, every breath, every meditation session takes on a new dimension at Prairie Guest House. Connect with us, and let’s co-create a yoga retreat that echoes with enlightenment and peace.