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Sage Studio Yoga

Sage Studio Yoga

Private Session

Sage Studio offers Private Yoga sessions. These classes, which are either one-on-one or semi-private (up to 3 students), are custom designed for the particular students. This is a perfect option for someone who is brand new to yoga and wants to learn the basics before taking a regular class. Those with an injury may also find the Private Yoga session a beneficial option, as Karen is certified to teach therapeutic yoga. By practicing yoga, Karen has learned to listen and cultivate self-compassion. “It’s a rough world out there,” she says, “and if self-compassion doesn’t start within, you can’t really extend it.” She now finds it a blessing to teach people to come into their own bodies. There are also several physical benefits of practicing yoga including increases in strength and flexibility.



The Sage Studio is peaceful and intimate and all people are welcome! The serene rustic setting immediately draws you in, allowing the mind to shut off and the body to slip away. Our goal is not to overcomplicate things; we feel life does that on its own. Simply come prepared to have fun as you take the journey inward, tuning out the bustling world around you. We aspire to have you leave feeling realigned with the inner source. At Sage Studio, we believe life is about choices and taking conscious steps in a direction chosen by you, rather than for you. Exercising your freedom of choice is the surest way to move into a future you create. Through your dedication to the mat and our dedication to instruction, we can increase your flexibility and your ability to be supple in the face of change. Our trained staff is here to challenge you, knowing that is where real strength lies. Our classes range from strengthening and athletic to gentle and therapeutic, offering a mix of influences and traditions. Modifications are always offered, and all levels are welcome. Yoga is for everyone!

Yoga Retreats

A yoga retreat is a weekend submersion in yoga and self-pampering at the Prairie Guest House. Activities include daily yoga classes, meditation, relaxing, massage therapy, cooking, and discussions of yoga philosophy and wellness. Participants “check out” of the stress of everyday life to “check in” with themselves. A retreat with Karen and other certified teachers is being planned for April of 2017.

Sage Studio - Karen Newton Karen Newton

Karen Newton, Yoga Instructor, has over thirteen years of instruction and a 700 hours Yoga Alliance certification in both yoga and yoga therapy. Initially trained under Darin Friesen in Chicago’s renowned Moksha studio, and later working with Nancy Schalk and Heartland Yoga, Karen brings an energetic quality to her teaching as well as a knowledge that will leave you feeling refreshed and balanced. Karen maintains an ongoing education within all aspects of fitness, focus, and health. Learning more about her own practice helps to bring new enlightenment to her classes.

Women's Retreat - Digging Deep & Flying High

Saturday, November 10th | 10:00am – 6:00pm

The sexual dysfunction in the world is ever present and invasive in our lives. Collectively and in our society, what has been lurking in the shadows is now coming to light. What are we supposed to do with all of this? It can be overwhelming. Yet, as in any challenge there is also opportunity. Now is the time as women, to heal unresolved issues we may personally have from past sexual traumas, body shame, betrayals from other women, and from being daughters of the patriarchy. It’s time to heal, feel empowered and find our connection to the divine feminine. Please join me in this one day immersive retreat as we build a community of trust and safety and create a sacred space for healing for one another.