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Reunion Activities

Family Reunion
Planning your Reunion
Reunion Activities
Meals and Food Options
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Reunion Activities

Pick a Destination With Activities

It’s important to find a destination where all generations of your family can have a good time. This means choosing a reunion venue with a variety of activity options. You want a property that offers or is near a golf course, a pool, a spa, a lake where you can go swimming or fishing, hiking trails, bike rentals and many outdoor activities. Prairie Guest House is within 10 miles of all the above, and more!

Plan a Themed Event

The purpose of a reunion is to spend time with your family, but there are many
instances where people tend to go their separate ways to participate in their favorite
activities and get little time together as a group. Utilize our great range of facilities to plan a number of different activities:

Gathering for meals is a great way to celebrate family and being together. To amp up the together-time you can designate collective events in the afternoons or evenings of your reunion for a fun activity such as a Karaoke Party, a barbecue with local musicians or music of your choice. You could have a dance party in the studio, story telling around the fire pit, or a card tournament in the dining room. In our experience, parties, where everyone in the family gathers together, are the highlight of the reunion.