Lodging for Mustard Seed Gardens

Mustard Seed Gardens Lodging and Retreat for Your Wedding

Wedding Venue Lodging

Looking for a place to host your guests during your wedding at Mustard Seed Gardens? We are way better than a hotel! We are the coziest and most memorable property for Mustard Seed Gardens Lodging!

Prairie Guest House is a retreat nestled in the Black Walnut trees and tall prairie grass. We have a wonderful setting for your family and friends to gather. Extend your wedding celebration to the whole weekend. Staying with us can include; a rehearsal dinner, our beautiful honeymoon suite, and our bridal studio for hair and makeup. All this plus adding a Thursday arrival for a discounted rate. More Details

Celebrate love and family with us in the comfort of your own retreat. We sleep 26 people. With 10 guest suites, each with private baths, including the honey moon suite. We love smiles and hugs and great celebrations and it all starts with a good nights sleep.

Best Lodging for Mustard Seed Gardens

  1. Restful Nights in our Guest Suites: Our comfortably appointed guest suites include many amenities; ensuite baths, Wi-Fi, TV’s, and attractive furnishings. We are a serene sanctuary and our guests always have a restful and quiet nights sleep.
  2. Gourmet Gatherings: As dawn breaks and the newlyweds wake it’s all about breakfast. Orchestrate a post-wedding Brunch to celebrate with loved ones in our intimate and comfortable dining room. We have a wonderful brunch menu just for such an occasion. The morning shining into the dining room, is a wonderful way to start the first day of the newlyweds journey together.
  3. Cherish Every Moment: For those seeking a longer sojourn, our Thursday Arrival Discount ensures you’re steeped in subtle comfort. Allowing you and your loved ones more time to revel and reminisce. This extra day helps to ensure details are all taken care of.
  4. A BBQ Party: In our idyllic courtyard, enjoy a BBQ party. Helping set up a wonderful weekend and making memories that last a lifetime. The BBQ Parties are always wonderful on a Thursday night, as it is a comfortable and casual way to welcome everyone.
  5. Portrait-Worthy Backdrops: Let the backdrop of our natural Indiana gardens and rustic farm setting add charm to your wedding album. Our property offers endless opportunities for beautiful photo sessions. We help with recommendations for photographers and videographers if needed.
  6. Pre-Ceremony Pampering: Getting ready for the big day, our specialized Bridal Studio is tailored for your hair and makeup needs. Ask us about catering some snacks for your studio experience.
  7. Fit for Kings and Queens: Our guest house graciously hosts up to 26 guests, ensuring every loved one in your entourage is treated to Prairie Guest Houses’ Hoosier Hospitality. We are the place for Mustard Seed Gardens Lodging.

Lodging for 26 people in 10 Guest Suites

When every detail matters, from the choice of your wedding venue at Mustard Seed to the comfort of your guests afterward, Prairie Guest House stands as the epitome of hospitality and luxury. An extension to your splendid wedding experience, we ensure your celebration has the perfect closing chapter.

Mustard Seed Gardens Lodging
Beautiful Sunrise Room

“After our mesmerizing wedding at Mustard Seed, retreating to Prairie Guest House was the cherry on top. Their hospitality and comfort were unparalleled.” – Sofia & James.

“The seamless transition from Mustard Seed to our lodging at Prairie Guest House was commendable. It felt like the festivities never ended, thanks to the PGH team.” – Rosa & Alex.

Mustard Seed Gardens Lodging Better than a Hotel

Stay here with us at the Prairie Guest House and let the flow of your Mustard Seed Gardens wedding be beautifully complemented. Ensuring your love is celebrated in unparalleled style from start to finish.