Lodging for the Perfect Wedding Experience at Prairie Guest House

Begin Your Forever in Fishers’ Romantic Refuge

Amidst blossoming gardens, under the soft hues of a setting sun, or within the comforting embrace of Prairie’s elegant interiors – start your marital journey in the most enchanting way possible. Prairie Guest House stands as a testament to love, offering an idyllic setting for couples to forge the first chapter of their happily ever after.

Why Prairie Guest House is Your Dream Wedding Lodging Destination:

  1. Dreamy Guest Suites: Let romance blossom in our luxuriously appointed guest suites. Infused with elegance, each room offers en suite baths, state-of-the-art WiFi, and a cocoon of privacy and intimacy for you and your guests.
  2. Dining with Love: Elevate your wedding celebrations with our sumptuous Sunday Brunch. Or, make your rehearsal dinner a pre-wedding event to remember, surrounded by love and culinary delights.
  3. Ease into Your Big Day: Weddings can be overwhelming, but not here. Avail our Thursday Arrival Discount to settle in, relax, and savor every moment leading up to your big day.
  4. Pre-Wedding BBQ Party: Gather your loved ones and light up the BBQ. Relish the excitement, joy, and the delicious aromas wafting through our picturesque courtyard, setting the mood for the celebrations ahead.
  5. Capture Moments of Forever: With a landscape that’s as beautiful as your love story, the Prairie offers endless spots for those perfect wedding shots. Our farm-like setting, combined with artistic gardens, promises photos that you’ll treasure for a lifetime.
  6. Pamper Before the Pledge: Prepare in style in our dedicated Bridal Studio. From hair to makeup, invite your team to pamper you and your bridal party, ensuring you all look picture-perfect.
  7. Accommodate Every Guest with Grace: With space for up to 24 guests, ensure that your closest friends and family are by your side, sharing in the joy of your special day.

Craft Your Dream Wedding in Fishers' Most Charming Locale

At Prairie Guest House, every corner, every wall, and every bloom whispers tales of love. It’s not just a venue, but a setting where love stories come alive, where every wedding becomes a timeless tale.


Our stay at Prairie Guest House felt like a dream. Every moment, from our intimate rehearsal dinner til the time we we left, was wrapped in love and elegance.” – Clara & Ethan.

“The beauty of Prairie Guest House, combined with its unparalleled hospitality, made our wedding an affair to remember. It truly was our perfect start to forever.” – Mia & Raj.

Seal Your Love in Prairie’s Enchanting Embrace

Your love story deserves an extraordinary beginning. At Prairie Guest House, every wedding is a testament to love, commitment, and the promise of forever.