Lodging for The Bluffs Wedding Venue Guests at Prairie Guest House

From The Bluffs' Panorama to Prairie's Tranquility: Your Wedding Experience Elevated

Once you’ve indulged in the majestic vistas and scenic beauty of The Bluffs Wedding Venue, let the soothing embrace of Prairie Guest House provide the fitting epilogue to your love story’s most important chapter.

Reasons Prairie Guest House is Your Ideal Lodging After The Bluffs Wedding:

  1. Refined Guest Suites: Step from The Bluffs’ natural grandeur to our elegant guest suites, harmoniously blending contemporary amenities, en suite baths, and Wi-Fi to craft an atmosphere of sheer luxury.
  2. Culinary Celebrations: Relive the most touching moments of your ceremony over our famed Sunday Brunch, or perhaps, organize a post-wedding feast to keep the spirit of celebration alive.
  3. Prolong the Delight: Why end the celebration prematurely? Our unique Thursday Arrival Discount offers you more moments to cherish, more memories to craft.
  4. Rekindle the Bonds: Host an invigorating post-wedding BBQ gathering in our serene courtyard, allowing family and friends to reminisce and revel under the stars.
  5. Picture-Perfect Moments: Our verdant gardens and rustic farm-like vistas are the perfect extensions for your wedding album. Relive the joy with every photo set against Prairie’s timeless backdrop.
  6. Rejuvenation Post Revelry: Our specialized Bridal Studio offers post-wedding relaxation treatments, letting you and your party refresh and rejuvenate as you step into life’s next adventure.
  7. Accommodating Every Heartbeat: With room to lovingly house up to 24 guests, keep the essence of the celebration close, enveloping everyone in warmth and luxury.

Marry at The Bluffs, Repose at Prairie Guest House

From The Bluffs’ breathtaking heights to the intimate coziness of Prairie Guest House, create a wedding tale that’s stitched with moments of wonder at every turn.


“After the scenic spectacle of The Bluffs, Prairie Guest House was a haven of warmth and luxury. The transition felt so harmonious, making our wedding experience utterly memorable.” – Lara & Theo.

“The culmination of our Bluffs wedding at Prairie Guest House was like moving from one dream into another. The attention to detail and hospitality were unparalleled.” – Iris & Gareth.

From Majestic Heights to Intimate Nights, Experience a Wedding Journey Unparalleled

With Prairie Guest House, let the magic of your Bluffs wedding flow seamlessly into nights of comfort and days of joy.