Lodging for The Ambassador House Wedding Venue Guests at Prairie Guest House

From Ambassador House's Historic Grandeur to Prairie’s Homestead Comfort: Compose the Perfect Coda to Your Love Symphony

When the classic allure of The Ambassador House Wedding Venue serves as the setting for your vows, let the warm embrace of Prairie Guest House serenade you as the perfect encore. Experience a symphony of timeless elegance and modern comfort as you weave the tale of your forever.

Why Prairie Guest House Harmonizes Perfectly with The Ambassador House Wedding?

  1. Classic Elegance in Guest Suites: Transition from The Ambassador House’s stately architecture to our richly-appointed guest suites, where modern amenities, en suite baths, and Wi-Fi resonate with the echoes of yesteryears.
  2. A Feast of Fond Memories: Relish the melody of our signature Sunday Brunch, a gourmet experience that sings praises to timeless culinary traditions. Or, host a post-wedding soirée, harmonizing taste and memory.
  3. An Overture of Celebrations: Amplify the pre-wedding excitement and familiarize yourself with the surroundings. Our Thursday Arrival Discount sets the stage for an extended performance of joy.
  4. Mingle and Merriment: An ode to The Ambassador House’s historic spirit, our courtyard BBQ parties blend classic charm with contemporary flair, creating melodies of laughter and shared tales.
  5. Snapshot Serenades: With the pastoral beauty of our gardens juxtaposed against the Ambassador House’s architectural marvel, every photo strikes the perfect chord, immortalizing moments of bliss.
  6. Post-Nuptial Pampering: The final note of the celebrations might have been played, but your symphony continues in our Bridal Studio, a space devoted to relaxation and rejuvenation.
  7. For Every Heartbeat in Your Ensemble: Offering a cozy retreat for up to 24 guests, we ensure every cherished guest, every moment, and every memory finds its place in the grand orchestration.

From Ambassador House’s Timeless Echoes to Prairie's Soothing Lullaby

Begin your marital duet amidst the historic charm of The Ambassador House and let it reverberate through the tranquil corridors of Prairie Guest House, ensuring a harmonious union from prelude to finale.


“The Ambassador House set a historic tone, and Prairie Guest House beautifully orchestrated the rest. A seamless transition, creating an ageless wedding tale.” – Clara & Oscar.

“After the timeless elegance of The Ambassador House, Prairie’s warmth felt like a comforting lullaby, wrapping our wedding journey in sheer perfection.” – Amelia & Richard.

From Time-Honored Traditions to Restful Reprieves, Craft Your Unforgettable Wedding Melody

Accentuate your Ambassador House wedding by basking in the luxuries of Prairie Guest House, where history and comfort sing a duet of unparalleled elegance.