Lodging for River Glen Wedding Venue Guests at Prairie Guest House

From River Glen's Waterside Elegance to Prairie’s Homely Retreat: Your Wedding Story, Flawlessly Flowing from One Chapter to the Next

As the waters of River Glen reflect the joys of your union, let the peaceful embrace of Prairie Guest House continue to mirror the depth of your love story. The intertwining of River Glen’s aquatic allure with Prairie’s comforting charm ensures a seamless and romantic narrative of your special day.

Why Prairie Guest House is the Ideal Continuation of Your River Glen Wedding Story:

  1. Riverside to Fireside Suites: Transition from River Glen’s waterside beauty to our cozy suites where interiors resonating with warmth, en suite baths, and Wi-Fi await, offering an oasis of comfort and romance.
  2. Culinary Riverbank: Our signature Sunday Brunch extends the feast of your senses. As the memories of River Glen linger, dive into an ocean of flavors that promises to be a gastronomic delight.
  3. Dawn by the River: Revel in the pre-wedding charm and resonate with nature. Our Thursday Arrival Discount lets you tap into the serene rhythm of the surroundings, ensuring you’re in sync with every flowing moment.
  4. Waterside Echoes in our Courtyard: Tribute to River Glen’s aquatic serenity, our courtyard BBQ parties offer a culinary spread that pairs perfectly with shared laughter and tales under the open sky.
  5. A Cascade of Memories: Extend the visual brilliance of River Glen through the scenic allure of our gardens. A tapestry of lush greens and blooming hues ensures every photo captures the essence of your day.
  6. Riverside Rejuvenation: After dancing by the river, retreat to our Bridal Studio. A sanctuary designed for relaxation, allowing you to float into a world of tranquility.
  7. A Gathering by the Riverbank: Comfortably accommodating up to 24 guests, we ensure every ripple, every shared story, and every whisper finds its echo at Prairie.

From River Glen's Serene Banks to Prairie’s Enchanted Meadows

Begin your matrimonial journey amidst the rippling beauty of River Glen and let it seamlessly flow into the restful embrace of Prairie Guest House, crafting a celebration where every moment ripples with love.


“After the enchantment of River Glen, Prairie Guest House felt like a dreamy extension, capturing the aquatic essence of our wedding in every corner. An effortless flow!” – Madeleine & Adrian.

“From the serene waters of River Glen to the calming embrace of Prairie Guest House, our wedding tale ebbed and flowed with sheer perfection. Truly a tale to tell!” – Isabella & Leo.

From Glistening Waters to Tranquil Terrains, Craft Your Perfect Wedding Narrative

Enhance your River Glen wedding journey by anchoring the celebrations with the serene comforts of Prairie Guest House, where every moment is a reflection of perfection.