Lodging for Mustard Seed Wedding Venue Guests at Prairie Guest House

From Ceremony to Slumber: Enhance Your Mustard Seed Wedding Experience

As you step into the enchanting realm of Mustard Seed Wedding Venue for your special day, consider the warmth and luxury awaiting you just moments away. At Prairie Guest House, we offer the ideal retreat for guests and couples, elevating the joy of your wedding celebration.

Why Prairie Guest House is Your Preferred Lodging Destination for a Mustard Seed Wedding?

  1. Elegantly Appointed Guest Suites: After reveling in the magical ambiance of Mustard Seed, retire to our cozy, intricately designed suites. Enjoy modern amenities, en suite baths, and Wi-Fi, ensuring a seamless transition from celebration to relaxation.
  2. Gastronomic Delights: Reflect on the day’s festivities over a sumptuous Sunday Brunch, or curate a post-wedding intimate dinner to continue the merriment.
  3. Extended Stay Offers: Considering additional wedding events or just wish to explore the locale? Our Thursday Arrival Discount ensures you soak in every moment without any rush.
  4. Relax & Reconnect: Host a calming post-wedding BBQ party in our splendid courtyard, a delightful opportunity for friends and family to bond and share stories from the grand event.
  5. Capture Continued Memories: Our beautifully landscaped gardens and farm-like backdrop serve as the perfect extension for your wedding photo book. Snap candid moments or organize a next-day photo shoot!
  6. Bridal After-Care Studio: The celebrations might end, but the pampering doesn’t have to. Invite your glam squad for post-wedding relaxation sessions, ensuring you look radiant even after the big day.
  7. Accommodate All Your Loved Ones: With capacity for up to 24 guests, our lodging ensures that those closest to you remain nearby, prolonging the shared joy and memories.

Marry at Mustard Seed, Retreat at Prairie Guest House

When every detail matters, from the choice of your wedding venue at Mustard Seed to the comfort of your guests afterward, Prairie Guest House stands as the epitome of hospitality and luxury. An extension to your splendid wedding experience, we ensure your celebration has the perfect closing chapter.


“After our mesmerizing wedding at Mustard Seed, retreating to Prairie Guest House was the cherry on top. Their hospitality and comfort were unparalleled.” – Sofia & James.

“The seamless transition from Mustard Seed to our lodging at Prairie Guest House was commendable. It felt like the festivities never ended, thanks to the PGH team.” – Rosa & Alex.

From Vows to Dreams, Experience Seamless Luxury

Prairie Guest House invites you to continue the elegance and charm of your Mustard Seed wedding with us. Let us be a part of your cherished memories.