Lodging for Daniels Vineyard Wedding Venue Guests at Prairie Guest House

From Daniels Vineyard’s Vintaged Elegance to Prairie’s Rustic Retreat: Uncork Your Wedding Celebrations in Grand Style

As Daniels Vineyard unfolds its scenic vineyards and sumptuous wines in toast to your love, let the Prairie Guest House offer its own brand of crafted hospitality, fermenting memories that age to perfection. Celebrate the confluence of classic winery charm and homely warmth as your love story matures into a timeless tale.

Why Prairie Guest House is the Natural Extension to Your Daniels Vineyard Wedding:

  1. Winery Hues in Every Suite: Transition from the sprawling vineyards of Daniels to our intimate suites. Each room boasts comforts like en suite baths, Wi-Fi, and interiors reflecting nature’s splendor and rustic luxury.
  2. A Gourmet Toast to Love: Extend the wine-themed celebrations with our signature Sunday Brunch. Pair fresh flavors with lingering notes from Daniels Vineyard, celebrating the blend of culinary excellence and vintaged elegance.
  3. Sip and Settle Early: With the rhythm of the vineyards still fresh, our Thursday Arrival Discount invites you to marinate in the ambiance, absorbing every hue, scent, and sound as the big day approaches.
  4. Vineyard Tales in Our Courtyard: Nodding to Daniels Vineyard’s legacy, our courtyard BBQ parties encapsulate the essence of outdoor celebrations, complemented by flavors as rich as aged wine.
  5. Picturesque Vignettes: Embrace the romance of vineyards further in our verdant gardens, ensuring every photo is a blend of natural brilliance and crafted elegance, much like a well-aged wine.
  6. Wine-down and Relax: After a day at the vineyard, our Bridal Studio beckons. A haven mirroring the calm of vineyard terrains, preparing you for what lies ahead.
  7. Crafted for Connoisseurs: With space for up to 24 guests, we ensure that the rich tapestry of flavors, aromas, and memories from Daniels Vineyard finds a complementing echo at Prairie.

From Daniels Vineyard’s Grapevines to Prairie’s Gentle Pines

Commence your matrimonial journey amidst the aromatic allure of Daniels Vineyard and let it mature beautifully within the cozy confines of Prairie Guest House, ensuring a narrative steeped in romance and elegance.


“From the grape-laden aisles of Daniels Vineyard to the tranquil corridors of Prairie Guest House, our wedding saga was as intoxicating as the finest wine. An ageless narrative!” – Elise & Hugo.

“The elegant notes of Daniels Vineyard found a seamless transition to the harmonious chords of Prairie Guest House. Our wedding was a symphony of perfection!” – Cecilia & Damien.

From Rich Reds to Earthy Tans, Sculpt Your Nuptial Saga of Vintage Excellence

Round off your Daniels Vineyard wedding celebrations with the deep-rooted charm of Prairie Guest House, where every moment ferments into a memory of timeless grandeur.