Lodging for Balmoral Wedding Venue Guests at Prairie Guest House

From Balmoral’s Royal Elegance to Prairie's Homely Embrace: Crafting Your Perfect Wedding Tale

Following the regal charm of the Balmoral Wedding Venue, anticipate a cocoon of warmth and luxury at the Prairie Guest House. As the tale of your union unfolds, we stand ready to add depth and comfort to every chapter.

Why Choose Prairie Guest House as Your Balmoral Wedding Afterglow?

  1. Regal Rest in Guest Suites: Transition from Balmoral’s stately elegance into our opulent guest suites. With plush amenities, en suite baths, and Wi-Fi, the suites are a serene sanctuary, exuding a royal touch.
  2. Gourmet Gatherings: As dawn breaks, indulge in our signature Sunday Brunch, a feast fit for royalty. Or, if you desire, orchestrate a post-wedding dinner to celebrate with loved ones in a more intimate setting.
  3. Cherish Every Moment: For those seeking a longer sojourn, our Thursday Arrival Discount ensures you’re steeped in luxury, allowing more time to revel and reminisce.
  4. A Royal BBQ Affair: Set against our idyllic courtyard, enjoy an aristocratic BBQ party, merging Balmoral grandeur with American traditions, making memories to last a lifetime.
  5. Portrait-Worthy Backdrops: Let the backdrop of our flourishing gardens and rustic farm setting add charm to your wedding album, offering endless opportunities for regal photo sessions.
  6. Post-Ceremony Pampering: The celebrations may ebb, but your glow shouldn’t. Our specialized Bridal Studio is tailored for your post-wedding beauty and relaxation needs.
  7. Fit for Kings and Queens: Our abode can graciously host up to 24 guests, ensuring every knight, dame, lord, and lady in your entourage is treated to Prairie’s unparalleled hospitality.

From Balmoral's Crowns to Prairie's Comforts

Your journey from Balmoral’s towering turrets to Prairie Guest House’s comforting corridors promises an experience of seamless luxury, intertwining the grand with the intimate.


“Post our fairytale wedding at Balmoral, Prairie Guest House offered a comforting embrace, every moment echoing luxury and warmth. Truly a match made in heaven!” – Diana & Charles.

“The transition from Balmoral’s palatial majesty to the Prairie Guest House’s serene luxury was like moving from one regal chapter to a cozy epilogue. An unforgettable experience!” – Beatrice & William.

From Royal Vows to Dreamy Nights, Weave Your Perfect Wedding Tapestry

With Prairie Guest House, let the grand narrative of your Balmoral wedding be beautifully complemented, ensuring your union is celebrated in unparalleled style from start to finish.