Friends & School Reunions at Prairie Guest House

Reignite Old Bonds in Fishers’ Homely Retreat

Journey down memory lane, rekindling old friendships and reliving the carefree days of yore. Prairie Guest House stands as an emblem of warmth and nostalgia, offering the perfect backdrop for friends and schoolmates to reunite, reminisce, and revel in shared memories.

Why Choose Prairie Guest House for Your Reunion?

  1. Comforting Guest Suites: Step into our cozy, elegantly designed guest suites that offer more than just a place to rest. With en suite baths, uninterrupted WiFi, and an ambiance reminiscent of homely comfort, you’ll feel the embrace of old times.
  2. Culinary Walk Down Memory Lane: Revel in the joy of a hearty breakfast, revisiting tales from the past. Or curate a special evening with an intimate dinner, celebrating shared memories and forging new ones.
  3. Early Arrivals, Longer Memories: Beat the rush and dive straight into nostalgia with our Thursday Arrival Discount. Extra time means more stories, more laughter, and more shared moments.
  4. Celebrate with a Classic BBQ: Host a throwback BBQ party in our exquisite courtyard, reliving those barbecue evenings from days gone by. Dive into conversations, old jokes, and shared experiences over a perfectly grilled meal.
  5. Snapshots of Nostalgia: With our farm-like setting and impeccably landscaped gardens, freeze the moment with photographs. Relive the memories for years to come, cherishing every reunion.
  6. A Home for All: We ensure no friend is left behind with lodging options accommodating up to 24 guests, making sure every cheer, every toast, and every shared moment is experienced together.

Revisit the Good Old Days in Fishers' Finest Venue

Prairie Guest House isn’t just a venue; it’s a time capsule, capturing the essence of friendships and shared histories. It’s where the past joyfully collides with the present, and every corner echoes with laughter and stories of yesteryears.


“Our school reunion at Prairie Guest House was like stepping back in time. The venue, the settings, and the warmth of the place reignited our friendships.” – Class of ’02.

“From the laughter-filled BBQ party to endless conversations in the guest rooms, Prairie Guest House brought back a piece of our past. A reunion to remember!” – The College Bunch.

Reconnect, Relive, Rejoice at Prairie Guest House

Lifelong friendships deserve a special place to reunite. Prairie Guest House invites you to create new memories while cherishing the old. Let’s make this reunion not just a meet-up, but a trip down memory lane.