Current Yoga Class Schedule

Tuesday - 9:00am

Kim teaches remotely through Zoom on Tuesday mornings

Wednesday - 5:30pm

Julie teaches in the studio/on grounds on Wednesday Evenings

Thursday - 9:00am

Karen teaches remotely through Zoom on Thursday mornings


More information about our daily classes and scheduled workshops and retreats can be found in the links below. Please call if you have any additional questions.


For Purchasing Class Packages & To Receive Zoom ID# call 317-663-8728

Sage Studio Yoga Schedule offers varying styles and types of class content within the realm of yoga studies. Our classes revolve around the basics and fundamentals of yoga; the breath, body awareness and general overall health.

Karen has been a certified yoga teacher for fifteen years, first began practicing yoga because she was searching for something she could use to center herself. In yoga, she found a way to work through a number of challenging life circumstances. Karen became a teacher a mere nine months after attending her first class. “It changed my life,” she says, and once she started, there was no looking back.

In a very organic manner each class is unique and allows every student to interpret the class as their body and mind allows them. The progress shown from class to class helps students to measure and develop their own specific needs and strengths.

We strongly recommend visiting once a week, twice being optimum. Students generally recognize awareness and positive effects of their practice after the sixth or seventh sessions.


Corporate Retreats ~ Have a break in your meeting for reflection and relaxation. Sitting talking all day can be overwhelming. Getting away for an hour to reflect and take in some of the information shared within your meeting can be most productive. Getting associates ready for round two of the meeting.

Group Yoga Party ~ Get the team together, the office, or a group of friends. A wonderful team building exercise or great way to interact with friends. 

Girl's Birthday Party ~ A great way to enter a new year. Celebrate with stretching and breathing. 

Ladies Day Out ~ Need a getaway with the girlfriends? This is just the ticket. We can even fix up some tasty healthy lunch for you after your relaxing session.

Bachelorette Party - Gather the ladies to celebrate an upcoming wedding. These classes can be combined with an overnight stay, and cooking classes,  to make the event memorable. 

Couples Yoga - Partner Yoga is a fun way for couples, sisters, friends, or mothers/daughters to spend quality time together. The partners support each other throughout the class, helping one another to stretch and align properly. “It’s a more physical, less verbal, time of communication,” says Karen who enjoys practicing Partner Yoga with her husband John.

Group events start at $100 per hour.


as the breath aligns and the mind quites the growth begins

Please enjoy any or all of our classes as they are each designed for all levels

Class Pricing & Packages

Single Class - $14

Private Sessions - $60/hour 

5 Pack - $60 (expires in 2 months)

10 Pack - $110 (expires in 4 months)

20 Pack - $200 (expires in 6 months)

Class packs can be shared between family and friends that accompany you.