Create a Unique Experience for your Daughter & Friends

Little ladies really enjoy our tea party. With tea sets that Barbie would love, we serve; Cinnamon, Chocolate, Blueberry, and Mint flavored teas that kids love. The crustless PB&J, along with the rest of our kid friendly menu, creates an experience that each little lady will recall for years. Wether it’s an easter dress affair, or jeans and a nice shirt, the tea party is a great way to celebrate a birthday, or just get the girls together for a little talk time.

Kids Yoga

You can double up the fun with a group yoga class. Collect your group in the yoga studio for a class of relaxing breathing, reflection, giggles, and soothing stretching. Mats, blocks, straps, and changing room are all available on site.

Note: Don't disclose any additional personal or payment information in your request