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Be Part of Our Barn Sale

As Karen and I have taken time away from our regularly scheduled lives it has been oddly relaxing, reflective, and has given us time to sort though our schtuff. 

We have found that we have things we don’t need/use and want to put them back into circulation so….

We are hosting a barn sale!

Barn sale will be held on June 20th-21st weekend AKA: Fathers Day weekend.

We are looking for cohorts who will be able to do the following:

 Collect your stuff
 commit to help manage sale for 4 hours, will be scheduled in advance
 Posting Barn Sale info on your social media outlets
 Have your goods setup in barn by 18th
 Optional; help clean up barn June 6th weekend

What you have to do:

 Express interest by committing with an estimate of how many table spaces you will need. You supply the tables.

 Mark all your things with masking tape with price & initials

 Set up in barn between June 1st and June 4th

 Share with me your best 4 hour time slot to help with sale

Please fill out the form below as best you can. This is a modified template and was only given a few options. We will be in touch!

Thanks and look forward to selling with you!
Note: Don't disclose any additional personal or payment information in your request