When we first opened the Prairie Guest House Karen and I were nervous about how/what to serve for breakfast, as we had never served paying customers food. We both agreed that we wouldn’t serve our guests any food that we wouldn’t eat ourselves. Karen and I have been vegetarians, pescatarians, and omnivores. We read labels and buy organic whenever possible, and we distance ourselves from gluten. Our meals are made from whole foods and we stay away from anything that is heavily processed or has mystery ingredients. We like healthy food choices. So, when you sit down at our table, every meal you enjoy with us is healthy food. Healthy food is what we serve.

Each breakfast we serve has 5 things:

  1. Egg dish – this could be an omelet, scramble, casserole, or quiche
  2. Bread selection – we make scones, breads and serve english muffins
  3. Bacon – baked crispy and tasty
  4. Fresh fruit – this changes based on the season, availability and freshness
  5. Vegetable selection – pan-fried potatoes, steamed asparagus and vegetable medley

* Vegetarian and other diets; please let us know in advance so we can have good food prepared special just for you!

Fresh Sage Scramble
Italian Omelet with Kiwi
Making it Delicious

Breakfast too good to miss